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Major Errors With Reverse Logistics That Cost Companies Big

On the surface reverse logistics doesn’t appear to be a significant issue to stress about.

For most businesses the stock that they send out to customers is kept at their end without a requirement for additional parts, repairs or returns due to a fault or lack of quality.

However, for manufacturers and retailers who strive to make financial gains, expand their reach, improve their brand and limit their exposure to risk, it is a department that requires Pendulum Logistics expertise and detailed attention.

The mistakes and missteps that occur in this section of the company are more prevalent than most managers would like to admit to themselves.

Here we will outline some of the more regular occasions where errors occurred, costing the enterprise over the long run.

Misuse of Automation

Software and technology can be a major timesaver for companies that need to run on schedule and within budget. By having these outlets available and on hand, professional operators can track items in real time, ascertain where stock is held within the warehouse, judge the lifespan of the product and shift items according to their status. This is a key element within reverse logistics but if automation is either too heavily relied upon or not utilized enough, the entire balance of the business model can falter. Such an error occurs with a lack of oversight and failure to understand what role automation should play within the enterprise, offering a value addition that only assists managers without undertaking all tasks.

Lack of Data Awareness

The role of data within the realm of reverse logistics is critical to short, medium and long-term commercial success. Information underpins every successful action that a brand can make. Organisations need to know what types of items are being returned, why it is being returned, who is sending the product back, where from and what fees and costs are involved. By tracking real time data and reading predictive reports on these trends, managers can begin to assess the terrain and make determinations that will seek to minimize risk and improve productivity. The major error that companies make in this setting is just to read reporting at face value, failing to identify these trends and behaviors that require proactive measures.

Failing to Correctly Value Assets

When couriers are called upon to ship labels, stickers and small parts that are cents on the dollar, the equation doesn’t add up. That is money being bleed out of the organisation and it requires managers and warehouse operators to correctly value their assets. This is where the subjects of reverse logistics and economies of scale are important, attributing items to their correct value once they have been fixed, repaired or replaced.

Taking On Too Much Responsibility

Sometimes the best ploy with a business is knowing when to let go and allow a third party to take the reigns. A major error that often occurs in the reverse logistics field is organisations deciding to take on too much of the logistically responsibility off their own accord. Unless there is the labour and warehouse space on hand to handle high volumes of returns, it should really be left to external outlets who can correctly manage repairs and reselling product to ensure that the stock is not entirely wasted. If there is a lack of resources or expertise within this department of the business, it is important that pride and ego doesn’t get in the way to make an informed decision.


The central lesson that should be learned with reverse logistics errors is not to dwell on them but take onboard the feedback and make proactive measures to address the matter. When organisations are on top of this department they will suddenly find opportunities to cut needless costs and maximise value with their product.

Why It Is Always Better To Ensure That Your Roller Blinds Are Australian Made

roller blinds

There are many people that are currently in the market for purchasing items for their home and so will be performing some research on how they are able to obtain the best price. What people should keep in mind, however, is the fact that price should not be the only indicator and that there are some other qualities that they should look into as well. For instance, people should make sure that their investment is of good quality too.

On top of this, people should strive to ensure that their desired items are Australian made as there are many different benefits to ensuring this. For instance, items from Burns for Blinds are more likely to be of good quality, are more likely to be made in safe working conditions, and are more likely to be consistent across the board when purchasing several items. When people decide to go for things that are super cheap, it isn’t likely that they are going to get something that will withstand the test of time and may also find small imperfections which will make them wish that they had just spent the extra money in the first place. This is why it is always a good idea to ensure that your roller blinds are Australian made and from Burns for Blinds.


It is always better to ensure that your roller blinds are Australian made as you are much more likely to receive your purchase in a timely manner

What some people may not realize is that when they are purchasing cheap items from overseas, it may take a great amount of time for them to receive their purchase. This is because overseas companies will usually wait until a few people purchase things so that they are able to save money on shipping costs. This, of course, can be extremely inconvenient for those who are in a rush or who aren’t able to continue with their plan until their item arrives.

When people are willing to pay only a little bit extra, however, and decide to invest in roller blinds from Burns for Blinds that are Australian made, they are able to receive their items on time and can continue on with the rest of the items that their home needs in order to be completed. As it can be seen, it is always better to ensure that your roller blinds are Australian made as you are much more likely to receive your purchase in a timely manner.


It is always better to ensure that your roller blinds are Australian made so you are able to support local businesses   

For many people out there, they are in a position where they are extremely upset about the fact that more and more things are outsourced overseas which, of course, decreases the amount of employment that is available. Even though this can be extremely frustrating for many, this doesn’t mean that people cannot take a stand in their own special way. For instance, people are able to send a message with their dollar which means that when they decide to buy something, they ensure that it is locally made.

Even though people will likely have to pay a little bit extra for roller blinds that are Australian made, they can have peace of mind knowing that they are putting money back into the economy and that their purchase was made in safe working conditions. As it can be seen, there are many different reasons why people should do a little bit of research first so that they can ensure that their roller blinds are Australian made.


Six Benefits Of Seeing A 24-Hour Doctor


There are many benefits of seeing a 24 hour doctor in your local neighbourhood. Remember that time you woke up early for work, only to realise you had a splitting headache, sore throat and a dry cough? The only problem was your usual GP wasn’t available because it was so early, but you still had to be at work by 6am. Chances are you probably muscled through it for the day and went to work, despite hurting your body even more. Thankfully, a 24-hour doctor can be the GP you need when you need them the most. But that’s not the only benefit; read on to find out more.



One of the primary benefits of seeing an all-night GP is that they are essentially available at any time. Whilst it won’t be the same GP every day, it’s nice to know that your local 24-hour doctor is available at all hours. This makes it far easier to make appointments and re-arrange if needed, granting you as the customer a greater level of flexibility. Moreover, more patients want convenience, so the trend is there to be utilised.


Great for families

As a result, if you have young children or teenagers who live very busy lives, finding a suitable time to see a GP can be a nightmare. Thankfully, making an appointment with a 24-hour doctor means you can organise appointments after your child’s soccer training, music lesson or netball game in the evening, saving you time.


Great for older patients

An all-day medical centre is also great for older patients, some of whom may not be able to make the journey from their residence to the medical practice during more conventional hours. If they need a lift to and from the centre, this may need to be provided by a relative, who may only be able to provide this after work or in the evening.


Minimizes stress on emergency services


Before it was possible to see a 24-hour doctor, people would rely on emergency services to treat threatening illnesses that arose out of hours. However, by offering a local medical practice that is open all day and night to the community, the need for emergency services is greatly reduced. As a result, this means that emergency resources in the form of paramedics and ambulances can be devoted to where they are needed the most.


Potentially life-saving

The simple fact of the matter is, if you need life-saving treatment, then a 24-hour doctor could well be the one that administers that. Sickness and illness can strike at any time. In fact, young children often come down with influenza, croup and pneumonia while they sleep, which can be a problem if you don’t have access to medical services when you need them. They may need access to a breathing mask to help clear their airways and ensure they get enough oxygen to their lungs.


Doesn’t compromise quality

Just because you’re seeing your local 24-hour doctor at 2am doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising on quality. All medical professionals in Australia must be certified with adequate qualifications and you can rest assured that they have enough experience and knowledge in the field.


Reliable for rural areas

Finally, having a medical centre with a 24-hour doctor in a rural community area can be very helpful. This is because many of these areas are often isolated from adequate medical services, and more importantly, hospitals. However, this geographic isolation can be supplemented with local GP services, which negates the need for citizens to travel long distances to seek medical treatment. This is also very helpful for older Australians living in rural areas, who may be unfit to make long journeys to the hospital.




The Value in Hiring Resume Writing Services in Melbourne

sample resume

Resume writing services in Melbourne offer their skills to individuals who need to seek a new form of employment.

They might be unemployed and wish to start on a brand new course, or have become disillusioned and undervalued at their current employer and want to embrace a new venture.

Whatever the scenario is, these outsourced professionals can offer so much more than a well crafted resume on paper for their client.


Outsourcing Expertise Gets Results

As consumers we will come to a point where we need to outsource expertise just to get the job done. If we don’t have the skills of a mechanic, we call them to fix the car. If there is a leak in the bathroom and there is no prior plumbing training, a plumber will be called. The exact same principles apply for resume writing services in Melbourne. These outlets have the experience, the training and the track record to open doors for an interview and make a standard candidate an attractive option for employers in the market. We can over analyse and debate the merits all we like, but acquiring this level of proficiency becomes an asset that can be leveraged.


Drawing Link From Attributes to Job Requirements

Resume writing services in Melbourne achieve one very vital task above all others – drawing a link from the personal attributes of the client to the requirements of the job that has been listed. Customer service skills won’t account for much for an engineering role, just as leadership qualities won’t come into calculation when seeking an assistant who must follow detailed instructions. That capacity to create a direct parallel from the client’s skills to the listed role is of great importance and these outsourced parties can hit those targets better than most.


Objective Analysis

As potential employees we often like to project certain images and relay information that we think can help, but resume writing services in Melbourne are in a position to dispassionately judge qualities and attributes that we might not value from the outset. From problem solving skills to IT competency or leadership qualities, these operators have the capacity to identify common links and abilities that might have been overlooked or undervalued in the past. They will also be able to eliminate certain details and overlook parts of a client’s history that are not relevant or valued for the potential employer.


Having a Career Partner and Advocate

It is a fact that we don’t often like to acknowledge or admit but it is true – often it is not what we know but it is who we know that opens the right door at the right moment. It can be that opportune discussion held at a supermarket or bumping into a friend of a friend at the cinema that can be the beginning of a referral to an interview. Resume writing services in Melbourne don’t operate around a policy of luck or opportune moments, but they are an organisation who are in the middle of the job economy where candidates and employers are crossing paths every hour of every day. By calling upon their experience and having your information in the system, a simple dot can be connected and a relationship formed as they advocate for our strengths.


Financial Investment

Of course there is a financial transaction that must take place to secure resume writing services in Melbourne. However, whilst that sum will be at the front of the client’s mind, it is important to remember that everyday they are unemployed or underemployed they are losing money. This is why it becomes an investment in their future to have a document that details the highlights and assets to make them an attractive proposition when compared against peers. The waiting and process of rejection can erode confidence and create a negative spiral for individuals, so having that ability to negotiate with businesses from a stronger position will only help the cause.





Qualities To Look For In A Family Law Lawyer

signing a prenup agreement

Before you consider getting married you may want to consult the advice from a family law lawyer first. These individuals have seen all the possible scenarios in which these contracts are executed and for good reason. While the details of the prenuptial agreement vary between the parties who are signing them, generally they are used for provision for division of property and support during times of separation.

So you know you need one of these agreements sorted but how do you find the solicitor that is right for you? There are so many different law related experts out there that it can be overwhelming when you are making your decision. Before you sign the contract with your family law lawyer make sure they have the following qualities.



It’s all well and good to have gone to university and know the theory behind being a family law lawyer. However in the modern era it is vital that your solicitor has on the job experience before you go into business with them. While book smarts are all well and good, there are certain aspects that can’t be taught that require you to learn them as you go. Making sure you choose a family law lawyer that has many years of experience will definitely help you in your case to ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.

To find out their experience firms usually host this information on their website or you just simply ask. Asking them how long they have been doing prenuptial agreements for will allow you to determine what level of experience you are after.


Excellent communication skills

lawyer talking to someone over the phone

A very important quality that you should be looking for in a solicitor is their communication skills. For starts, being a solicitor requires a lot of communication with the court, judge and even your clients. If they are only able to tick one of these boxes you won’t be getting the best service you can. Instead, try to find someone who has excellent communication skills and can speak confidently with all parties.

While it is important to be able to communicate with the court, it is just as important that they can speak properly with you. If your family law lawyer can’t communicate effectively with their clients, you could be left in the dark throughout the entire process leading to a result that you did not desire.



The difference between a family law lawyer that has passion and one that does not will show very clearly in the work that they produce. When you are dealing with such an important issue in your life you want to be sure that they are giving it their all and are willing to go the extra mile for you and your case. If something were to go wrong you would hope that your solicitor would work tirelessly to get things on track so that it won’t hinder your case.



A quality that is often overlooked when choosing a family law lawyer is their creativity. Law is not a paint by numbers kind of deal that follows a strict path. There are many elements that require unique and creative ideas to work around. When an issue arises you want to be sure that your representation has the creativity to be able to turn the situation around a get things back on track. Someone who doesn’t have this flair and is simply just following a procedure won’t be able to help you in the scenario where things may go south. Asking your representation how they overcome problems in the past is a good way to judge this quality.

How To Prepare Your Little One For Preschool In Delahey

child care

It can sometimes be an exciting time for parents out there when their young one is finally old enough to attend preschool in Delahey. Having said this, there are all sorts of emotions that can come up that can cause some mums and dads to be concerned as they aren’t sure if their child is ready for this big step. There are some incredibly sociable kids out there but then there are some who prefer to keep to themselves.

But even those who are more quiet, it is important that they are exposed to other children of their own age as this is crucial for their development. But knowing this doesn’t necessarily make this process any easier for parents out there. For some, they will begin to feel anxious when it comes time to letting someone else care for their child and these emotions can, of course, rub off onto little ones. To best help those out there who may be in this position, here is how to prepare your little one for preschool in Delahey.


Parents can prepare their little one for preschool in Delahey by socialising them early on

mother and child

It is all too easy for parents to fall in the trap of becoming homebodies, especially in those first few years. Mums will want to focus solely on their child and will spend every waking hour making sure that they are fed and cared for. This means that once they get a little older, parents can quickly realise that nobody in the family has much of a social life.

To best avoid this and to best help prepare little ones for preschool in Delahey, it can be helpful for mums and dads to ensure that their little one is socialised from early on. This can be done in the form of arranging play dates, of going to play centres, or by simply catching up with other people who have children of the same age. Even though it may seem tiresome to get out of the home, it is one of the best things that people can do not only for themselves but also for their offspring.


Parents can prepare their little one for preschool in Delahey by bringing them in for an orientation day

child writing

There is a common misconception out there that an adult will come to the preschool in Delahey, will dump their child there and will walk away while they are crying and screaming. This is certainly not the case and parents should realise that carers will do everything in their power to not only make the child feel at ease but the adults as well. To best help with this, most places will have orientation days where the whole family is able to come in and have a look around.

Furthermore, the whole family will be able to meet other mums and dads who may be in the same position and they are also able to become acquainted with the other kids. Simply attending this day alone can do wonders for anxiety levels and young ones won’t feel so afraid as they will be left alone with familiar faces on their first day. For those who still want to ease into it more slowly, they are able to drop their young one off for half days or just a few hours and are then able to build up from there. As it can be seen, there are plenty of different ways that mums and dads out there can prepare their little ones for preschool in Delahey.

Why Public and Private Sectors Must Continue to Invest in Disability Jobs

disabled walker

In 2019 public and private sectors will be looking to bring aboard employees who can execute their skills with precision and fit into a team environment seamlessly.

This task places added strain on the HR department and management to identify the talent that is out there and ensure they can apply their abilities to a specific position.

That is a scenario that points directly to the involvement of some good disability support worker jobs, an industry that carries its own public conceptions and attitudes.

Often seen as a burden or a means of charity, the case studies and proof of investment in this domain demonstrates that supportive services and integration actually contributes more than a moral obligation.


Lower Accident Rates

The evidence points in one clear and distinct direction regarding the involvement of disability support worker jobs into public and private sectors – the accident rates and cases of compensation are lower with their direct participation. With the lifestyles of these participants often revolving around safe and protective activities around the home and in social environments, their capacity to engage in cautionary behaviours are increased. Unlike able-bodied workers who are more oblivious to hazards and risks, the accident rates drop across the board.


Enhances Team Environment

Diversity in the workforce simply works. A team environment that is open to disability support worker jobs will see an integration of different voices and backgrounds as other members take on educational and leadership positions. There is an appreciation of their expertise to be judged on merit as the culture around the workforce is enhanced. Incidents of discrimination will occur when there is a degree of marginalization as workers can be left isolated from the rest of the group. A healthy public or private organisation will have this inclusive policy present as disabled professionals have the potential to climb the corporate ladder.


Higher Punctuality Rates

Perhaps with a greater appreciation for being employed in the role and not taking the position for granted, participants of disability support worker jobs are proven to be more punctual than their counterparts. Higher rates of punctuality means more dollars in the pocket of a business as their workplace efficiency and productivity rates are boosted, making it a smart ploy from the perspective of the bottom line.


Improves The Community

If a city or regional area fails to invest in disability support worker jobs, that lack of care and diligence drives up the local unemployment rate. No two elements are ever present in isolation in these moments as a lack of employment will hamper self-esteem, less money is being invested back into the local economy and there is a greater strain on domestic resources including job centres and services to get these participants back into a role.


Undervalued Expertise

We have all heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ That adage has never been more prevalent than it is with disability support worker jobs as those members of the disabled community are often maligned and stereotyped regarding skills and activities that they cannot do rather than those they can do. These abilities can scan the entire public and private spectrum, from teaching to IT, the legal system, retailing, working a trade, operating as a barista, managing a landscaping team or running for public office. When the emphasis is removed from the physical or psychological impairment to their education, certification and experience in a particular field, suddenly organisations are able to tap into undervalued qualities that are consistently overlooked for other candidates. Many of those individuals end up securing those positions not on merit, but simply for a lack of a disability.



It is an undeniable and inescapable fact that public and private sectors receive far more in return than they spend when investing in disability support worker jobs. Accident and absentee rates are lowered, the team environment and local community is boosted, and employees integrate into a business based on merit rather than misconceptions about their ability or otherwise.


Questions To Ask Your Arborist In Sydney


An arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney is someone who professionally assesses the health, cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, vines and all other kings of wood based plants. People tend to hire the skills of an arborist in Sydney when they need their fauna assessed to ensure that it is safe to be around. This proves to be very handy for those who have businesses with customers near wildlife.

So now that you know what an arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney does and why you need one your next step is to go out and find one. However a quick Google search for anything these days will come back with hundreds if not thousands of results. To ensure that you choose the professional that is right for you, we have some questions that you should be asking your arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney before you hire them.


What are your qualifications?

One of the most important questions you should be asking your arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney is what their qualifications are. This lets you know how long they have been doing their job for as well as what they have done to ensure that they are qualified. These professionals gain their qualifications through practice, which generally means the longer they have been doing it the more qualified they are. While the scope of the work is very broad, many professionals will also choose to specialize in one area.

That means that you should ensure that the arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney you choose is able to meet your needs with the fauna that you have growing on your property. Additionally many professionals choose to get a formal certificate of their qualifications which differs from each country. In Australia, to be qualified you must go through an arboricultural education and training program that is offered through vocational education and training.


What is your experience doing this line of work?

As we mentioned above, it is important how long your arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney has been doing their work for. Asking this question also allows you to follow up with what kind of jobs they have done in the past as well. Knowing what type of areas and fauna they have assessed in the past allows you to compare that with your own situation to understand if they are able to give you a good service. Their experience with jobs similar to yours is just as important as their overall working history. If they have 10 years’ experience in a field that is different to the one you are after, they won’t provide the same level of service as someone with that experience.


Can I see a list of your past clients?

Many service based industries will be able to offer testimonials as well as their past clients so you can feel comfortable choosing them. If they are able to give you a list of some of the past clients they’ve helped, you can work this into your decision making process. If the clients they helped have similar needs to your own you will be able to determine if they can help you or not. Don’t be shy to give the past clients a call so you can hear firsthand what the experience was like working with this particular professional.


What is your pricing structure?

Money is always an important topic when it comes to the service based industry which is why it is important that you don’t forget to ask. Asking will ensure that you aren’t hit with any surprises along your journey when you are working with this particular professional.

How To Obtain More Information In Regards To Accounting Internships


There are some people out there who may be in a position where they are are considering participating in unpaid work experience. This may be because they have struggled to find paid work or they may simply be looking ahead for when they complete their relevant studies. Whatever the case may be, when people do consider this, they can sometimes struggle to find information on the topic and will then struggle to weigh up the pros and cons.

When people participate in paid work experience, it can help with building confidence and can also help with obtaining full-time employment in the long run. On the other hand, if people are able to dive into paid employment right away, perhaps looking into this kind of thing isn’t in their best interest. To best help those who may find themselves wanting to further educate themselves on the topic, here is how to obtain more information with regards to accounting internships.


You can obtain more information in regards to accounting internships by chatting with your school

The great news is that when people are eager enough to take on unpaid work experience, there are usually people out there who will be willing to help them with their quest. A great place to start is by chatting to one’s teachers and co-ordinators who may be able to point people in the right direction. Most schools out there will have programs that will help people with this exact thing and will even partner up with companies who are looking to take on people each year.

There may even be workshops that people are able to participate in which will allow them to work on their resume and will increase their chances that they will find a fantastic place to work that may even offer them full-time employment down the track. The good thing about working with the school is that they understand that students will only be able to participate during the school holidays and so they will be able to match the students with businesses who understand this too. This is why is can be a wise move to chat to one’s school when wanting to learn more about accounting internships.


You can obtain more information in regards to accounting internships by chatting with an already established company

For those who may be wanting to garner first hand information when it comes to the subject of accounting internships, it can be a wise move to chat with an already established company. People are able to arrange a short meeting either in person or on the telephone and can ask as many questions as they can fit into the time frame. This may be in regards to the types of tasks that will be participated in when completing work experience or the types of things that businesses look for when they decide to take someone on.

In some cases, however, a manager or employee may not have the time to sit down and talk to someone but they may advise that a person can send an email in so they can ask all of their questions. If people are lucky enough, a manager may even agree to mentor them which means they can catch up once a month so that students can pick their brain. At the end of the day, there are plenty of places out there where people are able to find more information in regards to accounting internships, all they have to do is look.

How Successful is Occupational Therapy for Children Who Suffer from ADHD?

child with ADHD

For many parents out there, they will be in a position where they will be pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to help their young one. It is all too common to see more and more young ones suffering from certain symptoms such as irritability, difficulty to concentrate, lack of attention to detail, difficulty to sit still, as well as problems with patience. When people experience these kinds of symptoms as well as a few more, they may be diagnosed with something known as ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

There are all sorts of theories out there as too why this condition is on the rise but many believe it is because of the chemicals that are sprayed on foods, the increased amounts of sugars that are hidden in foods, as well as the increase of technology and social media. Some believe it is because parents aren’t able to spend enough time with their young ones as they are usually both working. But whatever the reason may be, there is something that people can do in order to help and one example of this are those who need occupational therapy for children.


Occupational therapy for children can help those who suffer from ADHD as it can help with building their sensory processing skills

For many young ones who suffer with ADHD, they will have trouble when it comes to their concentration levels. This can lead to them having difficulty in schools and may even result in them feeling called out by their teachers and peers. The good news is that there is something that can be done about it.

For many, it can be helpful when they implement occupational therapy for children as their young one can be helped by working on building their sensory processing skills. This means that they can be trained to keep their mind and body calm and yet alert so that they are able to prevent themselves from doing into a “dream land”. This can involve things such as focusing on the sounds and smells in a room so that they are able to focus on what is in front of them instead of daydreaming and going off on a tangent with their thoughts.


Occupational therapy for children can help those who suffer from ADHD as it can help with implementing organisational tools

One of the biggest problems that young ones can have when they suffer with this condition is lack of organisation. They can feel like they just can’t seem to get on top of things so matter how hard they try. This can cause them to become angry and frustrated with their school work, with their teachers, and even with themselves. This is a habit that they can then carry with them into adulthood.

Thankfully, young ones can be taught important and yet basic organisation tools when occupational therapy for children is implemented. For instance, they can be taught how to use a diary so that they can set little reminders for themselves throughout the day. This means that they don’t have to worry about forgetting things as it will be all written down or stored in their phones.

Furthermore, they can be taught how to break tasks down into small steps so that they don’t feel so daunting. These are positive steps that can be implemented by the whole family so that everyone is on board and so these changes can be taken into adulthood. As it can be seen, occupational therapy for children who suffer from ADHD can be beneficial.

An arborist in Eastern Suburbs Sydney is someone who professionally assesses the health, cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, vines and all other...