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How To Obtain More Information In Regards To Accounting Internships


There are some people out there who may be in a position where they are are considering participating in unpaid work experience. This may be because they have struggled to find paid work or they may simply be looking ahead for when they complete their relevant studies. Whatever the case may be, when people do consider this, they can sometimes struggle to find information on the topic and will then struggle to weigh up the pros and cons.

When people participate in paid work experience, it can help with building confidence and can also help with obtaining full-time employment in the long run. On the other hand, if people are able to dive into paid employment right away, perhaps looking into this kind of thing isn’t in their best interest. To best help those who may find themselves wanting to further educate themselves on the topic, here is how to obtain more information with regards to accounting internships.


You can obtain more information in regards to accounting internships by chatting with your school

The great news is that when people are eager enough to take on unpaid work experience, there are usually people out there who will be willing to help them with their quest. A great place to start is by chatting to one’s teachers and co-ordinators who may be able to point people in the right direction. Most schools out there will have programs that will help people with this exact thing and will even partner up with companies who are looking to take on people each year.

There may even be workshops that people are able to participate in which will allow them to work on their resume and will increase their chances that they will find a fantastic place to work that may even offer them full-time employment down the track. The good thing about working with the school is that they understand that students will only be able to participate during the school holidays and so they will be able to match the students with businesses who understand this too. This is why is can be a wise move to chat to one’s school when wanting to learn more about accounting internships.


You can obtain more information in regards to accounting internships by chatting with an already established company

For those who may be wanting to garner first hand information when it comes to the subject of accounting internships, it can be a wise move to chat with an already established company. People are able to arrange a short meeting either in person or on the telephone and can ask as many questions as they can fit into the time frame. This may be in regards to the types of tasks that will be participated in when completing work experience or the types of things that businesses look for when they decide to take someone on.

In some cases, however, a manager or employee may not have the time to sit down and talk to someone but they may advise that a person can send an email in so they can ask all of their questions. If people are lucky enough, a manager may even agree to mentor them which means they can catch up once a month so that students can pick their brain. At the end of the day, there are plenty of places out there where people are able to find more information in regards to accounting internships, all they have to do is look.

How Successful is Occupational Therapy for Children Who Suffer from ADHD?

child with ADHD

For many parents out there, they will be in a position where they will be pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to help their young one. It is all too common to see more and more young ones suffering from certain symptoms such as irritability, difficulty to concentrate, lack of attention to detail, difficulty to sit still, as well as problems with patience. When people experience these kinds of symptoms as well as a few more, they may be diagnosed with something known as ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

There are all sorts of theories out there as too why this condition is on the rise but many believe it is because of the chemicals that are sprayed on foods, the increased amounts of sugars that are hidden in foods, as well as the increase of technology and social media. Some believe it is because parents aren’t able to spend enough time with their young ones as they are usually both working. But whatever the reason may be, there is something that people can do in order to help and one example of this are those who need occupational therapy for children.


Occupational therapy for children can help those who suffer from ADHD as it can help with building their sensory processing skills

For many young ones who suffer with ADHD, they will have trouble when it comes to their concentration levels. This can lead to them having difficulty in schools and may even result in them feeling called out by their teachers and peers. The good news is that there is something that can be done about it.

For many, it can be helpful when they implement occupational therapy for children as their young one can be helped by working on building their sensory processing skills. This means that they can be trained to keep their mind and body calm and yet alert so that they are able to prevent themselves from doing into a “dream land”. This can involve things such as focusing on the sounds and smells in a room so that they are able to focus on what is in front of them instead of daydreaming and going off on a tangent with their thoughts.


Occupational therapy for children can help those who suffer from ADHD as it can help with implementing organisational tools

One of the biggest problems that young ones can have when they suffer with this condition is lack of organisation. They can feel like they just can’t seem to get on top of things so matter how hard they try. This can cause them to become angry and frustrated with their school work, with their teachers, and even with themselves. This is a habit that they can then carry with them into adulthood.

Thankfully, young ones can be taught important and yet basic organisation tools when occupational therapy for children is implemented. For instance, they can be taught how to use a diary so that they can set little reminders for themselves throughout the day. This means that they don’t have to worry about forgetting things as it will be all written down or stored in their phones.

Furthermore, they can be taught how to break tasks down into small steps so that they don’t feel so daunting. These are positive steps that can be implemented by the whole family so that everyone is on board and so these changes can be taken into adulthood. As it can be seen, occupational therapy for children who suffer from ADHD can be beneficial.

The Benefits Of Rubbish Removal

When people need their junk gone fast they tend to go with rubbish removal. These services are fast, effective and affordable to get your home or work site looking shiny and new. However many people believe that these companies are purely making money off the laziness of others. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they offer many different benefits that doing the job yourself simply would achieve.

To help get your mind on the right track we have gathered a list of benefits of using a Sydney rubbish removal firm and why you should definitely join the trend.


It saves you time

One of the more obvious benefits to getting rubbish removal is that it saves you a lot of time. Instead of using your own time to fill up your car with junk from the drive way and going all the way to the tip, you can get someone else to come by and grab it for you. This means you save a tonne of time which is much better spent on your weekend or doing something that you actually want to do.

This benefit also means a lot more for business that have a lot of construction junk. Instead of investing time into cleanup they can simply give one of these companies a call and they will take care of the rest.


Can save you money

Many people associate rubbish removal with having a high price tag but that isn’t always the case. The competition for business like this in the New South Wales region is very high which means you will be getting a fair deal on the price. To ensure that you aren’t being scammed many people ask for quotes from several companies and compare them to see who is the outlier.

In saying that, these companies have the efficiency and the right procedures to get rid of your junk fast. That also includes the disposal of it which is always the worst part. Instead of paying a staggering amount at your local tip, they have the connections to get it disposed of in the best and most cost effective measure possible.


They are environmentally conscious

In today’s world it is growing more important than ever that the things we do have a positive impact on the environment. With the glooming fear of global warming on our backs, every positive action we do counts and rubbish removal is just another step we can take to help out. The companies that operate these services are becoming more aware of what methods and procedures to put in place to ensure that they are leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

With many years in the industry you can be sure that when a new, environmentally sustainable method is found they will be the first to implement it. With that in mind it is a lot easier and more effective for these services to get rid of your junk in an environmentally conscious manner than it is for you. You don’t have the experience or the inside knowledge which can add a lot of time to your cleanup deadline.

Hopefully by this point you have found the benefits of rubbish removal and are looking and how you find a company. There are many different providers in the New South Wales region which is why it is important that they are offering nothing less than the highest level of service. At the end of the day make sure their company values align with your own so you can get rid of your junk effectively and efficiently.


How To Know When It Is A Good Time To Look Into A Portable Massage Chair

massage chair

For those who are running their own business, they will need to be careful when it comes to making purchases. They will need to make sure that they are always in the green and that they have some back up funds in case something happens. But while this is the case, people will also need to invest in certain things in order to take care of themselves and in order to bring their company forwards. This can include things such as office supplies but it can include other things too.

Even though it can sometimes be hard for people to know when they should spend money and when they should be conservative, when it comes to something such as this, there really isn’t much risk. This is the type of product that almost anyone can enjoy which means it is likely to suit a whole host of potential clients, current clients, as well as employees. But to help those who may be sitting on the fence when it comes to purchasing, this article will look at how to know when it is a good time to look into a portable massage chair.


It may be a good time to look into a portable massage chair for those who work from several different offices

While many people out there look into this kind of product for their clients, there are many who end up purchasing a portable massage chair for themselves. This is so they are able to implement a little bit of serenity throughout the day and they can protect their body while spending many hours sitting at a desk. Whatever the case may be, people are able to spoil themselves a little bit by investing in something that they can take with them while they move around.

There are all sorts of different positions out there that will require someone to travel from office to office. People may spend a few days, weeks, or even months, in a different location which can be fun but also be draining after a while. Because of this, people can implement different strategies in order to make it feel like they are more at home.


It may be a good time to look into a portable massage chair when you host or attend a lot of events

For many business owners and managers out there, they will understand how important networking is to their business. This means that they are likely to either host or attend many different events throughout the year in order to connect with others in their field and so also attract potential clients. When people do have a booth or stall at any event, it can be a real crowd pleaser when they implement a portable massage chair.

This way, people are able to sit down, relax and the person will then have a chance to hear all about the company at hand. The best part is that they will likely feel open to chatting as they will be so impressed/surprised by the fact that they are able to get some pampering while at some kind of event. This works so well as many people are hosting their own stalls and will be likely to be standing on their feet all day.

As many will understand, the best way to attract people is with someone novel or eye-catching. When people are looking to achieve this, it may be time for them to implement a massage chair for when they host or attend events.


Great Uses For Artificial Turf In Sydney

golf course

Synthetic grass solutions have come a long way and there are a lot of different uses and applications for the product.

Wondering where it is best put to use? Read our list below of the best uses for artificial turf in Sydney.


Your backyard

One of the best places to use artificial turf in Sydney is in your very own backyard. Synthetic grass is the perfect solution for your front and back garden in Australia’s biggest city. Using it to replace your traditional greenery will save you big money in your normal household costs. Synthetic grass is great as it doesn’t require daily watering, the cost and maintenance of regular fertilizing and lawn care and it won’t get weeds or die in the sun.

Australian cities are hot, dry places so easy to maintain fake grass is a great alternative to costly lawn. It’s UV protected so it can survive the summer months and there are no issues with it becoming waterlogged in winter.

If you have small children and pets it is the safe alternative, there are no nasty chemicals or anything hidden within it and it doesn’t hold odors. Stains are quick and easy to remove and will usually wash away with water.


The golf course

man playing golf

Artificial turf on Sydney golf courses is the go-to choice. A fraction of the cost of maintaining golf lawn and far more aero dynamic, artificial turf on Sydney gold courses makes for a better golfing experience and can saved businesses a lot of money.

Golf courses need to be kept free from obstructions, weeds or anything dangerous hidden in the grass to avoid affecting gameplay, this can only be properly achieved with synthetic grass.

People are trekking around on it all day long so it’s very important that the grass is kept safe, this is a breeze with fake grass.

Must easier and quicker to maintain it just makes sense from a business perspective. There a great premium options out there that look fantastic and will keep patrons coming back and enjoying the scenery.


School playgrounds

Artificial turf in Sydney playgrounds is the top choice. In any environment where children play a chemical-free choice is the way to go. Synthetic lawn will hold up much better under little feet as well and can survive the wear and tear that comes with children playing on it.

Synthetic solutions are softer and safer for children and won’t develop prickles or hide things like grass in the way that natural lawn would. It is also far less costly for schools to maintain and looks excellent year round.


Sporting fields

golf course

Sports require a smooth, level playing field with little resistance. Natural lawn increases the risk of injury and doesn’t hold up half as well under the wear and tear of rough sports play.

There should be no other choice than artificial turf for Sydney sport fields. It’s far easier to maintain and doesn’t require commercial watering or lawn care. Not only does this reduce costs but it is much better for the environment.


Public gardens

Public areas are difficult to care for and maintain. They are often visited by high foot traffic, at the mercy of the sun and frequented by pets, cars, bikes and any number of other things that might damage the lawn.

The cost to maintain public areas is high for city councils and the tax payer and that is why artificial turf in Sydney public areas is a great idea.

Fake lawn solutions will keep the city looking great year round and ensure that taxes can be better spent elsewhere.


How To Find A Company That Offers Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade With Super Fast Shipping


Sometimes in life, people can find themselves desperately needing something that they may know how to easily obtain. This is commonly the case when people are building or renovating a home as there are so many different things to think about and sometimes things can go wrong. For instance, someone may have thought that they could order in a certain part from a certain shop but then they find out at the last minute that they can’t.

The good news is that there are usually solutions out there if people we willing to hunt for them. There are usually all sorts of companies that will stock different pieces of equipment and material that people may not have realized stocked this sort of thing. In addition to this, there are plenty of businesses out there who are willing to do what they can to get orders out as soon as possible e.g. fast tracked delivery. As this can be so very important to those who are stuck in a pickle, here is how to find a company that offers stainless steel wire balustrade with super fast shipping.


People are able to find a company that offers stainless steel wire balustrade with super fast shipping by searching online

The easiest place to find things when people are in a pinch is online. People are able to find a list of companies that sell this kind of thing when they use search engine websites such as Google or Yahoo. Furthermore, people are able to narrow their search by looking for a business that offers a fast shipping service.

For instance, people may be able to type “stainless steel ware balustrade same day shipping” into a search bar and will then be shown results that are relevant to their search. If people are not able to find exact matches for their results, however, they are still able to contact different companies that sell this type of thing and are able to see what their protocols are for urgent orders. This can be helpful as most places will offer regular shipping times but may have express options for those who ask for it.


People are able to find a company that offers stainless steel wire balustrade with super fast shipping by visiting their local hardware store

For some people out there, they may not be having trouble with finding a place that offers express shipping but may be having trouble with finding a company that sells this type of thing altogether. This can be because people usually don’t come across this kind of thing unless they are in a position where they are building or renovating a home and will have decided to implement this in the build. As this can be the case, it can be a wise move for people to visit their local hardware store when they are looking for a company that offers stainless steel wire balustrade.

The hardware store at hand may be able to order in the product themselves (however this may take a little bit of time) or they may be able to recommend another business that sells this kind of thing nearby. Either way, employees that work at local hardware stores are often experts in this area and are the best people to chat to when people find themselves in a tough spot. In conclusion, people are often able to find a company that offers stainless steel wire balustrade as well as express shipping when they put adequate time into research.

Issues With Improper Rubbish Removal

garbage can

Bad waste management and improper rubbish removal practice have widespread negative impacts on the environment and human health. Responsible waste management practices are essential for minimising the impact of human waste on the Earth.

If you’re wondering about some of key impacts of improper rubbish removal practices then read on below to find out more.



One of the biggest issues with poor waste disposal practices is that it leads to contamination and pollution of the Earth. Pollution of the ground, waterways and air poses a big risk to humans and animals.



soil pollution

Improper rubbish removal can cause contamination of soil, pollution of the land can be devastating for ecosystems. The health consequences of contaminated soil can be dire, resulting in chronic disease in humans and the loss of biodiversity as species struggle to survive human-introduced chemicals and pollution.

Waste regularly ends up in landfill globally, landfill sites have a negative impact on the earth by themselves, and if waste is improperly disposed of or landfills sites are poorly managed it often results in widespread soil contamination and lasting issues.



Water pollution affects access to clean drinking water, disrupts ecosystems and impacts on the food supply of many people. It is responsible for many deaths each year and has far reaching effects on human health. Water is easily polluted; it is often a side effect of soil pollution that contaminants will leak into the groundwater.

Water pollution poses a serious threat to human health, incorrect rubbish removal practices directly contribute to water pollution issues and contribute to the 1.8 million deaths that occur as a result of contamination each year.



Air pollution can be the result of a number of different kinds of emissions into the air, as well as mould and pollens and is responsible for a broad range of human health issues and can lead to respiratory illnesses and death.

Poor rubbish removal practices can contribute to methane and other dangerous emissions in the air, this can be potentially poisonous for humans and animals and contributes to global warming.



Poor waste disposal practices attracts pests such as cockroaches and rats which can have a wider impact on human health as they carry disease and spread germs. Pest control is a big issue, especially in inner-city areas where compact living attracts all kinds of pests. Pests have been responsible for some of the worst human health crises in history including the plague or the Black Death, which was spread by rats.

It is important for homeowners and commercial business owners to assist with controlling pest populations by using professional rubbish removal tactics.


Human hazard

Sometimes people will throw commercial or household waste away to avoid disposal fees, this can create hazards for people and animals fairly quickly.

Poor waste removal practices pose a risk to human safety. Junk left ain areas with heavy foot traffic can cause people to trip and fall. Some waste, such as asbestos, is dangerous to human health and must be properly disposed of.



Poor rubbish removal practices can negatively impact the economy in a number of ways. It is common for instance for people to illegally dump waste in residential and commercial areas to try and avoid the costs associated with disposal. Over longer periods a build-up of illegally dumped junk can impact the overall value of the neighbourhood and bring house or business values down.

Illegal dumping can come at a significant cost to the taxpayer as it falls to the government to manage clean up, over time this can contribute to higher rates and council fees.


Everything You Need To Know About Going On A Helicopter To The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas

Are you itching for that escape from the city lights to get to somewhere more peaceful? If you are tired of spending countless amounts of hours and dollars in sin city you may want to consider getting a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas ride. This tour is truly a unique way to experience one of the wonders of the world that allows you to sit back and relax and not worry about the crowds.

There are a lot of companies in the area that can help you out with a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas but do you know what you are getting into? We have scoured the web for reviews and combined that with firsthand experience to bring you with a short guide on what you should expect from a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas.


How long does it go for?

How long the experience will last depends upon which provider you go with and what tour you are going on. As the GC is a massive geological wonder you will find that some areas are further away from the downtown strip than others (looking at you East Rim). With all that in mind a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is much faster than driving and is perfect for those who are on a time crunch.


Getting to your aircraft

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could organise a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to come and pick you up from your hotel? While you’re not allowed to land out the front of hotels, these companies do have the next best thing. A lot of them will provide shuttles to the airport from which you will be departing to save you the extra time and hassle.

If however yours does not, below is a quick list of the airports that are most common for these tours to depart from.

Boulder City

This airport is the furthest away from downtown but does allow both planes and other aircrafts to depart from here. It is however a 30 minute drive from the strip and is common to add an extra one and a half hours to your overall trip time.

Henderson Executive

Henderson Executive Airport is about 25 to 30 minutes south of the strip where some airplane tours depart from. If you are getting a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas it is unlikely that you will be going here but it is still important to know about.

McCarran Airport

The location that most helicopters to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas depart from is the McCarran Airport. This airport is only 10 minutes from downtown and if you don’t have a shuttle provided many hotels will offer this service instead.


Where are you going?

While the main attraction you will be seeing is the Grand Canyon, there are many parts to it that you have on offer to visit. A lot of tours will most likely either go to the South or West Rims because they are the most popular. The South Rim features all of those iconic shots that you see in photos, TV shows and movies. While the West Rim is the only location that you can land at the base of the ravine.

Many people do like hiking and while that is all well and good, others would prefer to fly that extra 4,000 feet. The Skywalk is also at the West Rim which features a glass-bottomed bridge and lets you look down that 4,000 feet.

The Different Types Of Scaffolding In Brisbane


Scaffolding in Brisbane is a temporary structure on the outside of a building; it is usually made from wooden planks and metal poles. This type of support structure is often used by workmen during construction, such as building, repairing and cleaning, on both commercial and residential buildings. Although it may sometimes look precarious, these platforms are actually incredibly safe and are strong enough to hold workmen and their equipment. What many people don’t know is that there are many different types of scaffolding in Brisbane. Keep reading to find out the names and purposes of some of the most common types of support structure.


Type 1: Single            

This type of working platform is sometimes known as brick layers scaffolding in Brisbane. As the name suggests, the most common use for this structure is to assist with brick masonry. This type of structure is constructed parallel to the wall in which it is being used to support; usually at a distance of about 1.2 meters away. Single structures are made up of standards, ledgers and putlogs. The aim of this structure is to not only support the building, but to also allow the workers to reach the desired working height.


Type 2: Cantilever

Cantilever scaffolding in Brisbane is quite different to many other working platforms. It is known as a single frame type structure and the standards are supported on a series of needles which are attached through holes in the wall. Although these are not considered as being the most stable type of support structure, they do have their benefits. Oftentimes, these structures are only used in certain situations. For example, they are most commonly used when the ground is unable to support the standards, when the ground near the wall needs to be free from traffic and when the upper part of the wall is under construction.


Type 3: Steel

Steel scaffolding in Brisbane is made from steel tubes, which are then fitted together with steel couplers. This form of structure is known for being easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, it is extremely durable, and even fire resistant. It is also important to note that this form of working platform is known for being stronger and safer than many other available options.  One disadvantage of steel structures is that they are more expensive than other options. However, due to their high safety rating and durability, they are commonly used on construction sites all over the world.


Type 4: Suspended

Suspended scaffolding in Brisbane differs from many other types for one main reason; it is attached to the roof of a building, instead of to the floor. This is achieved through the use of a rope and pulley system. The useful thing about suspended structures is that they can easily be raised or lowered to reach the desired height. The most common use for this type of structure is repair work, or cleaning. Oftentimes, suspended scaffolding in Brisbane is used for window cleaning on large commercial buildings.

It is not uncommon to walk past a construction site that is making use of scaffolding in Brisbane. In reality, these working structures are an integral building tool and it is often impossible to build, repair or clean without them. However, many people don’t realise how many different types of working platform there are. As noted above, each different type of working platform has a specific job. It’s important not to forget that if used improperly, these platforms can be dangerous; however, when used in the correct way, and with the correct training they are incredibly useful.


Challenges for Prosecution and Defence Rape Lawyers in Melbourne

Charges made about someone pursuing sex with another person who has not agreed to the act is not a matter to be taken lightly.

If you are victim to non-consensual penetration, it can be a deeply emotional topic for you, and may understandably lead to hesitancies and ambiguity in navigating the legal elements involved in charging your perpetrator.

If you are the accused, you may be faced with assumptions that if you are charged you are necessarily guilty – that is, even if that may not actually be the case, and without all evidence having been assessed beyond reasonable doubt.

It’s a tricky area for all parties speaking to the situation. Hence there are a number of moral and logistical challenges that rape lawyers in Melbourne face, be they prosecution or defence. This is why we want to help clarify some fundamental elements constituting nonconsensual sex, as well various factors considered by prosecution and/or defence rape lawyers in Melbourne.



  1. Definitions

The 4 elements that need to be present in this conduct are legally defined as…

  • Sexual penetration – occurs when a person introduces any part of their body or an object into the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person. There is no length of time or depth of penetration (it can be fleeting or slight) needed for it to constitute a crime.
  • Intention – the accused must have intentionally committed the above.
  • Consent – or lack thereof by the victim. ‘Consent’ is verbal agreement to the act, entirely by the subject’s own volition, and not for instance, submitting out of fear or being unconscious. There are a list of circumstances under the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) (“the Act”) that you can consult if you’re questioning whether consent was involved in your situation.
  • The accused’s mindset – refers to how the prosecution can prove that the perpetrator failed to ‘reasonably’ believe the victim consented to the penetration. A little vague, it’s a difficult one to navigate and involves assessing the context and relationship between the victim and the accused. For example, was anyone involved intoxicated? Are/were they romantically involved?


  1. Prosecution rape lawyers in Melbourne

Must prove each of the above 4 elements beyond reasonable doubt in order for the perpetrator to prove guilty, and there lie specific challenges for each.

Prosecution rape lawyers in Melbourne must also be aware of the definitions and social implications of relevant terms. For example, ‘vagina’ is inclusive of surgically constructed genitals. Therefore meaning sexual penetration is very much applicable to transsexuals.

Recently there have been dozens of reported rape cases dropped due to a lack of strong evidence, or vital evidence being withheld by associates such as psychologists. This has also been due to the difficulty in navigating matters such as young women and intoxication, and the implications this has on establishing consent. There have been attempts to create training programs to teach prosecution rape lawyers, like those in Melbourne, how to address such issues in cases.


  1. Defence rape lawyers in Melbourne

To combat the prosecution, defence rape lawyers in Melbourne have the job of clearly showing that one of the above 4 elements has not been satisfactorily established – that is, beyond reasonable doubt.

Defending one who has sexually violated another may appear a moral dilemma. Those who are not the accused may be questioning what motivates rape lawyers in Melbourne to take such a stance…

But the reality is there have been multiple cases of false allegations of forced sexual engagement. A recent example is that of a woman admitting before the court that she presented false accusations of her ex partner forcibly having sex with her before hosing her off (Canberra, November, 2018). The woman admitted, too, to creating false evidence to support her case, including her own head injuries.

This highlights the ongoing need to ensure integrity in statements and evidence pertaining to a case. Defence rape lawyers in Melbourne recognize the importance of scrutinizing all the elements. Whether or not a defendant is guilty, it’s highly important to assess the entire context of the act, to clearly show the 4 mandatory elements, and help the court reach the most appropriate outcome.




When people need their junk gone fast they tend to go with rubbish removal. These services are fast, effective and affordable to get...

Bad waste management and improper rubbish removal practice have widespread negative impacts on the environment and human health. Responsible waste management practices are...