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Great Uses For Artificial Turf In Sydney

golf course

Great Uses For Artificial Turf In Sydney

Synthetic grass solutions have come a long way and there are a lot of different uses and applications for the product.

Wondering where it is best put to use? Read our list below of the best uses for artificial turf in Sydney.


Your backyard

One of the best places to use artificial turf in Sydney is in your very own backyard. Synthetic grass is the perfect solution for your front and back garden in Australia’s biggest city. Using it to replace your traditional greenery will save you big money in your normal household costs. Synthetic grass is great as it doesn’t require daily watering, the cost and maintenance of regular fertilizing and lawn care and it won’t get weeds or die in the sun.

Australian cities are hot, dry places so easy to maintain fake grass is a great alternative to costly lawn. It’s UV protected so it can survive the summer months and there are no issues with it becoming waterlogged in winter.

If you have small children and pets it is the safe alternative, there are no nasty chemicals or anything hidden within it and it doesn’t hold odors. Stains are quick and easy to remove and will usually wash away with water.


The golf course

man playing golf

Artificial turf on Sydney golf courses is the go-to choice. A fraction of the cost of maintaining golf lawn and far more aero dynamic, artificial turf on Sydney gold courses makes for a better golfing experience and can saved businesses a lot of money.

Golf courses need to be kept free from obstructions, weeds or anything dangerous hidden in the grass to avoid affecting gameplay, this can only be properly achieved with synthetic grass.

People are trekking around on it all day long so it’s very important that the grass is kept safe, this is a breeze with fake grass.

Must easier and quicker to maintain it just makes sense from a business perspective. There a great premium options out there that look fantastic and will keep patrons coming back and enjoying the scenery.


School playgrounds

Artificial turf in Sydney playgrounds is the top choice. In any environment where children play a chemical-free choice is the way to go. Synthetic lawn will hold up much better under little feet as well and can survive the wear and tear that comes with children playing on it.

Synthetic solutions are softer and safer for children and won’t develop prickles or hide things like grass in the way that natural lawn would. It is also far less costly for schools to maintain and looks excellent year round.


Sporting fields

golf course

Sports require a smooth, level playing field with little resistance. Natural lawn increases the risk of injury and doesn’t hold up half as well under the wear and tear of rough sports play.

There should be no other choice than artificial turf for Sydney sport fields. It’s far easier to maintain and doesn’t require commercial watering or lawn care. Not only does this reduce costs but it is much better for the environment.


Public gardens

Public areas are difficult to care for and maintain. They are often visited by high foot traffic, at the mercy of the sun and frequented by pets, cars, bikes and any number of other things that might damage the lawn.

The cost to maintain public areas is high for city councils and the tax payer and that is why artificial turf in Sydney public areas is a great idea.

Fake lawn solutions will keep the city looking great year round and ensure that taxes can be better spent elsewhere.