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How AI and Machine Learning is changing SEO


How AI and Machine Learning is changing SEO

In this ever-changing world, with constant digital inventions and innovations, it’s hard to tell where SEO and digital marketing will be in the next ten years. In fact, sometimes we aren’t even fully aware of the changes that are occurring until they are completely integrated by the top 10 SEO companies in Sydney into the websites they use.

While it might be hard to predict where technology will take digital marketing next, there are clearly new key inventions that may cause a larger impact. For instance, artificial intelligence is making huge waves and is quickly becoming an accessible, mainstream technology.

Google has already implemented aspects of artificial intelligence into its search engine optimization algorithm. These changes will have an impact on how SEO works in the future!


Changes in ranking factors

Keywords have always been a reliable way to build an SEO strategy upon, but this might be changing as more sophisticated tools are used by search engine operators.

We’ve already seen such changes in Google’s game-changing algorithm RankBrain, which analyses websites so as to present the user with the most useful sites in response to their search term, rather than the face value keyword occurrences.

More focus on user experience

User experience is a rising term and being able to cater to it is essential. With the increasingly saturated internet, as more and more search domains and content is made readily available, users have a lot more choice.

Innovating and providing a good user experience is the key to standing out and performing well amongst these masses. Consequently, search engines have placed a lot more emphasis on user experience and how well a website is designed in the eyes of a user.

Algorithm updates have allowed a level of intuition when discerning how well a webpage considers the user experience. Tools include a priority boost to mobile-friendly websites, avoiding pages with bulky advertisements, and penalty tools for pages with spam.


Voice search and virtual assistants

More and more users are getting used to hands-free search, especially as virtual assistants are becoming more advanced. The increasingly popularity of new technological hardware such as smart speakers has also contributed to this.

Consequently, SEO is impacted, as search navigates a more colloquial space. Marketers must now consider how search terms are altered by voice speech, especially as search engine algorithms are also advancing to include more natural speech in their vocabulary.

In order to account for this, marketers can consider shifting to more conversational language when implementing an SEO strategy.


Age of mobile search

Statistics are in – the everyday person spends a significantly larger portion of their browsing online with a mobile device than on a computer.

This is a factor that is being considered in the search engine optimisation process, as algorithms are updated to provide more value to the mobile user.

Google has introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to enhance the mobile loading of search results. This has been updated to become even faster, making the mobile experience of searching online more user-friendly.

There are many changes that artificial intelligence and machine learning are bringing into the SEO world. Search engine algorithms are based on such technologies, so they are constantly evolving in order to improve the user experience.

Keeping these changes in mind while building your SEO strategy is important so that you are forward-thinking and prepared for the future! While these factors are an indication of where SEO is going, ultimately, the algorithm remains unclear.

The nature of search engine technology is that it is always changing and evolving. The best you can do is keep updated and well-informed and adjust your strategy accordingly!