How To Use Kwikstage Scaffolding On Your Construction Site
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How To Use Kwikstage Scaffolding On Your Construction Site

How To Use Kwikstage Scaffolding On Your Construction Site

How To Use Kwikstage Scaffolding On Your Construction Site

Kwikstage Scaffolding is a modular system designed for easy assembly and safe operation. It’s lack of loose parts, ease of maintenance and erection and comprehensive collection of accessories has made it an easy choice for those in the construction industry.

That doesn’t mean, however, that simply anyone can put it together and make use of it on your site. Because kwikstage scaffolding is so quick and easy to put together, it can be tempting to just get it up and start work, but proper health and safety procedures must still be in place.

That’s why we’re looking at how to safely, and effectively, use kwikstage scaffolding on your construction site:

Make Sure That Everyone Has The Appropriate Licences

The first thing you need to do is ensure that anyone who will be working with your kwikstage scaffolding holds the appropriate Licences to do so. Depending on your site and the set up you will be creating, these licences will relate to erecting the system, working at heights, maintaining the system and more. This is why it is so important to keep a log of who is qualified to do what on site.

Send Unqualified Workers Away For Training

Construction kwikstage scaffolding

While kwikstage scaffolding has set the standard as the safest and easiest system available in the industry, it is still important that, as noted above, all workers who will be in that section of your site are appropriately licensed and trained. If you have workers who will be in close proximity to your kwikstage scaffolding but are not yet licensed for the associated tasks, we strongly suggest sending them away for proper training before commencing the project. Not only will this greatly improve safety but it also boosts worker sentiment as advancement of their skills will help them feel valued as part of the team.

Provide Proper Personal Protective Gear And Equipment

As a supervisor or site manager, it is also your responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to (and actually uses) the appropriate personal protective gear and associated equipment. Hard hats and proper steel capped work boots don’t lose their importance just because there’s less risk of things falling on workers from above the higher up they are, and harnesses become essential past a certain height. The provision of these materials should be your top priority and noone should be allowed anywhere near your kwikstage scaffolding (or even on site for that matter) without appropriate protection.

Use Appropriate Accessories

Kwikstage scaffolding is available with a wide range of accessories to help meet your needs. Whenever possible, we strongly suggest using official kwikstage scaffolding accessories rather than trying to collect and integrate components from elsewhere. As with any other brand it is important that components for assembling your kwikstage scaffolding are always genuine to ensure that everything fits properly and is as safe as possible.

Regularly Check Over Your Equipment

Finally, no matter how well constructed equipment is, everything on site must be checked regularly and well maintained in order to ensure that the working environment provided is as safe as it can possibly be. Kwikstage scaffolding is designed to be low maintenance, but that does not mean no maintenance, and care should still be taken.

Construction sites, when well managed, are a great place to work, but they will always carry inherent risks that do not necessarily apply to other professions. In order to help keep everyone as safe as possible, it is vital that only the best equipment is used, and that it is used properly. Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of how to safely and effectively use kwikstage scaffolding on your site and you can now boost productivity with these wonderful structures.