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Link Building 101: Tips And Tricks You Need To Learn

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Link Building 101: Tips And Tricks You Need To Learn

Want to know how the pros build links? Every SEO expert will have a bit of a different approach to managing their link building strategies, but there are some common approaches to gaining traction that you might want to take into consideration. Whether you’re just starting out or more experienced in giving SEO services, a fresh take on link building is always worth trying! It’ll help you to work out what works for you and your clients and what doesn’t – so without further ado, here are some tips and tricks for link building!

Make a list, and check it twice

Lists! They’re useful for more than just your grocery shopping. When trying to put together an outreach plan for link building trying to find good blogs to target can be a little bit overwhelming. Luckily, it’s often the case that other people have done a lot of the hard work for you. When pulling together a plan, look up lists for your industry, this should help you to find some of the more well-regarded blogs and directories out there for you to reach out to. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and can also help with finding blogs or sites open to guest posting, or looking for good content (like yours!) as a resource. From these lists you can start to explore different content areas, thematically related blogs, or other relevant industry influencers, this should lead you down a good path and help you to build strong relationships with the right industry people and sites.

Find influential blogger with helpful online tools

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There are a number of useful tools online that can help you to find influential bloggers for your industry or topic area. These tools will help you to find the right people to approach to get help with building your online presence. It’s becoming more and more important for Google and other search engines to view your content as authoritative and trustworthy. Building content through people who are seen as ‘experts’ on a topic area is a great way to gain trust and a good reputation for your site and consequently improve search rankings.

Use info-graphics

It’s common for people to use info-graphics without embedding your link into their website. Prevent this by saving your image with its URL and tracking it down across the web with a reverse image search. In cases where people haven’t provided you a link back for your resources, kindly request that they do. Most people are more than happy to link to you in exchange for using your helpful content or resources. A quick email to the website owner will usually resolve it and may even start a relationship with a related industry website that could provide you more links in the future.

Refurbish old content

Rehashing old content and translating it to new platforms is the easiest way to increase the diversity of your content offering and attract more links. Having genuinely useful content on offer is a great way to organically build your link profile. Other bloggers will come to you looking to use your resources, rather than the other way around, decreasing the amount of time you spend on outreach and time heavy link building endeavors. Good content is budget friendly and the best way you can grow your brand and reputation.

These are just a few general tips and tricks for getting the most out of your SEO link building. Everyone has their own preferences for how to approach SEO, but these can be a great way to improve the quality of your links.