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Paella Catering Services in Sydney: 6 Quick Facts to Examine

paella catering services in Sydney

Paella Catering Services in Sydney: 6 Quick Facts to Examine

Event planners want to know that their guests will be fed and satisfied, but that can be quite the challenge to overcome on a budget. Fortunately paella catering services in Sydney offers a solution for clients, providing a platform for homes and businesses to enjoy fresh Spanish cuisine that really satisfies the taste buds. We will outline 6 facts that customers can look over to help inform their decision for their next upcoming gathering.

1) Fresh Food

A key fact to remember about paella catering services in Sydney is that chefs and industry specialists will source their ingredients from right here in the heart of the city. From the markets that supply their vegetables and condiments to the seafood sourced from harbour fishmongers to the proteins from trusted butchers, every component is locally procured from the city. The same cannot be said for other catering services as they have to rely on imported stock and processed foods in order to match their level of demand, compromising on end quality for the sake of quantity.

2) Fast Food

Paella catering services in Sydney do not fit into the standard definition of “fast food” with their high fats and processed ingredients, but in terms of speed of delivery to the plate, the pace of the process is impressive. Especially for larger gatherings with dozens of guests arriving on site, it is necessary to fast track the time from the pan to the plate within the span of 15-20 minutes. Cooks of delicate Spanish cuisine across the city have experience in this field, ensuring that clients are not stressed about leaving patrons hungry.

3) Healthy Catering Option

paella in a bowl

Trying to manage the calorie count with catering events can be a tricky exercise for hosts and local planners. The good news is that paella catering services in Sydney delivers on this front, offering constituents the chance to enjoy full plates that are packed with nutritional value. Many dishes will include zinc, vitamin A, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and selenium that supports a balanced diet. If there are any outstanding questions about nutritional value, chefs will be happy to answer.

4) Customised Plating

Local paella caterers will ensure that patrons of all profiles will be satisfied with their service. From those who love to dig into their meat to others that are classified as vegetarian or pescatarian, they can find a dish that suits their tastes and their lifestyles. Supported with a rice foundation, these items can combine any protein ingredients from chicken to seafood or rabbit to duck. Then there will be the infusion of fresh vegetables, saffron spices, green bean varieties and much more – all thrown into the boiling pan for a delicious mixture of rich flavors and aromas.

5) Free Event Quotes

Homes and businesses who are looking at paella catering services in Sydney will be able to obtain a free quote for their work. This allows constituents to make an informed decision about their expertise and weigh the exercise against their budget. Once a dialogue has started with the catering company and the client, they can cover all of the necessary territories and ensure that they are receiving the best deal for a per-person package.

6) Low Overheads

The moment that community members hire paella catering services in Sydney, they can sit back and allow them to work their magic. All these cooks require is minimal kitchen space to set up their utensils and their ingredients before the plating can begin. All of the set-up and cleanup will be overseen by these operators, giving customers peace of mind that paella catering services in Sydney have the activity covered.