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Qualities To Look For In A Family Law Lawyer

signing a prenup agreement

Qualities To Look For In A Family Law Lawyer

Before you consider getting married you may want to consult the advice from a family law lawyer first. These individuals have seen all the possible scenarios in which these contracts are executed and for good reason. While the details of the prenuptial agreement vary between the parties who are signing them, generally they are used for provision for division of property and support during times of separation.

So you know you need one of these agreements sorted but how do you find the solicitor that is right for you? There are so many different law related experts out there that it can be overwhelming when you are making your decision. Before you sign the contract with your family law lawyer make sure they have the following qualities.



It’s all well and good to have gone to university and know the theory behind being a family law lawyer. However in the modern era it is vital that your solicitor has on the job experience before you go into business with them. While book smarts are all well and good, there are certain aspects that can’t be taught that require you to learn them as you go. Making sure you choose a family law lawyer that has many years of experience will definitely help you in your case to ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.

To find out their experience firms usually host this information on their website or you just simply ask. Asking them how long they have been doing prenuptial agreements for will allow you to determine what level of experience you are after.


Excellent communication skills

lawyer talking to someone over the phone

A very important quality that you should be looking for in a solicitor is their communication skills. For starts, being a solicitor requires a lot of communication with the court, judge and even your clients. If they are only able to tick one of these boxes you won’t be getting the best service you can. Instead, try to find someone who has excellent communication skills and can speak confidently with all parties.

While it is important to be able to communicate with the court, it is just as important that they can speak properly with you. If your family law lawyer can’t communicate effectively with their clients, you could be left in the dark throughout the entire process leading to a result that you did not desire.



The difference between a family law lawyer that has passion and one that does not will show very clearly in the work that they produce. When you are dealing with such an important issue in your life you want to be sure that they are giving it their all and are willing to go the extra mile for you and your case. If something were to go wrong you would hope that your solicitor would work tirelessly to get things on track so that it won’t hinder your case.



A quality that is often overlooked when choosing a family law lawyer is their creativity. Law is not a paint by numbers kind of deal that follows a strict path. There are many elements that require unique and creative ideas to work around. When an issue arises you want to be sure that your representation has the creativity to be able to turn the situation around a get things back on track. Someone who doesn’t have this flair and is simply just following a procedure won’t be able to help you in the scenario where things may go south. Asking your representation how they overcome problems in the past is a good way to judge this quality.