What Exactly Do Freight Forwarding Companies Do?
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What Exactly Do Freight Forwarding Companies Do?

What Exactly Do Freight Forwarding Companies Do

What Exactly Do Freight Forwarding Companies Do?

If you’re venturing into importing, then you’re probably wondering whether to use the services of freight forwarding companies. But what exactly do they do? Shipping products is a complicated process. There is quite a lot of paperwork; there are rules and regulations and many moving parts that have to be organized correctly. Without these done right, the shipment may not run smoothly.

Sure enough, you could import those goods yourself. But it might be too cumbersome for someone new to the field. That is where freight forwarding companies come in. These forwarders do the heavy lifting and organizing of importation, leaving you to channel that energy into some other vital areas. Their many services could save you a lot of unplanned expenses during your shipping.

  • Freight Forwarding Companies Are Usually Intermediaries.

One thing to note is that these companies are usually not the ones that directly ship your products. Most times, they are just intermediaries who use their connections and networks to negotiate a reduced shipping price for your goods.

These freight forwarding companies might not own the equipment necessary for shipping. But their expertise still makes them valuable for your supply process.

  • Forwarders Offer Warehouse Services.

Sometimes, the storage of goods is an issue during shipping. That is especially true in intercontinental shipments that delay between one form of transportation and another. When transporting such goods personally, warehouse services could become a challenge. However, that isn’t a challenge for freight forwarding companies.

Their large network usually includes warehouse services to ensure that your goods are in top condition during transit.

  • They Prepare Shipping Documents.
Freight forwarding companies

The legal dance involved in moving products across borders is complex. Many shipments have gotten confiscated by customs officials for minor mistakes and oversights. New importers usually find it difficult to follow.

But that is just another Tuesday for a forwarder. You can be sure of a swift procession through customs when you use the services of freight forwarding companies.

  • They Book Cargo Space and Consolidate Shipments.

Cargo space booking isn’t exactly a complicated process, but shipment consolidation does require expertise. Freight forwarding companies excel at arranging your multiple smaller cargo into one large shipment. That would reduce shipping costs. At the end of it all, you could spend less using a forwarder than doing everything yourself.

  • They Offer Accurate Tracking Services.

Getting accurate information about the location of your goods during transit is priceless. It reduces the pent-up stress that is usually in the minds of every importer during a shipment.

Competent freight forwarding companies would be able to provide accurate details of your shipment’s location at any time. And the peace of mind that it brings is priceless.


Freight forwarding companies perform many services that greatly ease the stress involved in moving your goods. They ensure that you aren’t bothered by the little details that arise when shipping. They are not a must if you wish to transport your products. But you’d be better off getting the services of one.