7 Benefits Of Artificial Turf Sydney
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7 Benefits Of Artificial Turf Sydney

7 Benefits Of Artificial Turf Sydney

7 Benefits Of Artificial Turf Sydney

Considering installing artificial turf Sydney but feeling a little unsure whether you want to go down this route or stick it out and try to grow a thriving natural lawn? Don’t get us wrong, most of the time natural is the best option, but when it comes to having a nice, grassy yard, artificial turf Sydney simply cannot be beaten. Today we’re exploring seven reasons why you’re better off selecting this option for your home:

Quickly And Easily Transform Your Outdoor Space

The first, and possibly biggest benefit of artificial turf Sydney is that it provides a quick and easy way to transform your outdoor space. Where traditionally you would have had to plant seeds then cross your fingers and wait, artificial turf Sydney can instantly make your yard look green, fresh and fabulous.

Lower Maintenance

Another perk is that the maintenance on artificial turf Sydney is practically non-existent so you can wave goodbye to wasting your weekends moving the lawn. Simply rinse your new lawn off with a hose if it’s looking a little dirty, rake up any debris that’s landed on it during the week and viola, you’ve got a perfectly manicured lawn once more.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Option

Keeping traditional lawns green in an Australian climate isn’t exactly the kindest thing for the environment. Not only does it take a substantial amount of water, but unless you’re out there hosing down your lawn manually every day, it also consumes power to run your sprinklers or other watering devices. The great thing about artificial turf Sydney is that it never needs watering, making it a wonderful eco-friendly landscaping option.

Looks Great All Year Round

Artificial turf Sydney

Speaking of never needing watering, because your artificial turf Sydney is so low maintenance, it’s pretty much guaranteed to look great all year round so you don’t have to worry about brown patches in summer or a dusty, dirt-filled yard in winter.

Weed Resistant

Most varieties of artificial turf Sydney are also weed resistant, meaning weeding will need to be done far less frequently, if at all. This is another major time saver that also greatly improves the appearance of your yard with next to no effort on your part.

Green Spaces For Children

Additionally, artificial turf Sydney is great for creating a safe, green space for children to play. Because it comes in uniform sheets it’s far less likely to trip little ones up and if all the dirt and weeds are covered, they’re a lot less likely to become an afternoon snack. Plus, because your lawns will be lush all year round, you don’t have to worry about where the kids will play during times of the year where the lawn traditionally would become barren.

Safe For Pets

Finally, grass seeds are one of the most common causes of issues in domestic pets. Not only are they a royal pain to pick out of your dog’s fur, but they can also cause significant health problems, and even death, if they end up lodged in the wrong spot for too long. The good news is that because artificial turf Sydney doesn’t need to grow, it also doesn’t have seeds, making it the most pet friendly option for your yard. Plus, they’ll be able to have just as much fun outside as they would with normal grass and their business will drain right through to the soil below, so you really are onto a winner.

Hopefully these seven benefits have helped you make your decision when it comes to landscaping your yard with artificial turf sydney, it really is a no brainer and highly beneficial.