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Creative Uses For Balloon Columns

balloon columns

Creative Uses For Balloon Columns

If you are obsessed with balloon columns and are trying to come up with an excuse to include them at your next event you have come to the right place. We too love the creative opportunities that these decorations bring with them so we had to share it with the public. We’ve come up with several different creative ideas that you can use for your next event.

So if you are struggling for ideas for new balloon columns stay tuned! We are about to go on a creative journey together that will be very uplifting.


Perfect for gender reveal parties

Balloon columns are a great way to have a colour theme for a party which makes them a great choice for gender reveal parties. If the gender was already revealed you can also have a baby shower with the gender colours spread around the party scene to further promote the spirit of the baby shower.

They don’t have to be the boring single colour stand either. You can get creative and make a dummy on the top of it or even a pram sitting up top. Regardless of your vision there is something to satisfy everyone’s needs.


Star Wars party theme

Whether you are hosting a Star Wars birthday party or viewing party we have the perfect decoration addition that you need to include. A great idea is to have balloon columns in the shape of lightsabres displayed around your household. You can choose to use red and blue to show the good vs bad of your event. Or if you can’t get enough of Mace Windu include some purple into the mix to spice it up.

Regardless this is a fun way to promote the theme of the event without blowing out your budget.


Hens party ideas

If you are trying to throw a hens party on a budget we have a cost effective decoration to get everyone in the party mood. This night is meant to be one last big hurrah that is littered with male genitalia everywhere. You know what also can resemble a standing shaft? A balloon column is what. Simply use pink decorations as the colour and with some artistic talent and a lot of patience you can erect your structure in no time at all.


Spice up an entrance in seconds

A great way to make a destination look more party themed is to have two balloon columns on either side of a door. Not only will these decorations promote the party theme, they can also match it. If you are throwing a Hawaiian themed event, simply construct your decoration in the shape of a palm tree.

On the other hand if you are after something a bit classier, you can’t go wrong with white structures and archways to add a touch of elegance.


Outdoor settings that need to attract attention

If you have ever manned a fundraiser BBQ you need to get as many people buying your snags than ever. Other groups may opt to use the simple helium approach but that never delivers the magnitude that you are after. Something that is unique and big will definitely catch the attention of people walking past.

Balloon columns are your answer to this scenario as they add that wow factor that will get people coming up to talk to you about them. Regardless if they don’t buy anything from your stall they will remember the location and be sure to tell their friends of the awesome display that you have set up.

At the end of the day your creativity can create anything. So if you have an idea of what you want go for it and people will appreciate the effort no matter what.