How to declutter your home
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How to declutter your home


How to declutter your home


Some people tend to be hoarders. They cannot help themselves. Here is our advice on how to declutter your home efficiently.

Before you start, start only one room at a time. Get five baskets or bins and mark them like this. The put-away bin for those items that should be in their storage places and need to go back. The recycle bin for unwanted plastic, paper or glass items. The garbage-bin for all the garbage you need to throw away. The mending bin for those items you still want to fix and the donation bin where you can put things into that you want to give to charity.

Bring the bin into the place you start with, or you can have these bins in a specific area while you work. Do not search for a container when you are busy. Having them before you start to declutter is a bonus.

In bathrooms, you can declutter the medicine cabinet. Discard old medicines by placing them in a container. Put this container in your car and when you have time give it to your local pharmacy to have it destroyed. You must discard old makeup and skincare products. Store the most used items at eye level. Pull everything out of the drawers and storage places and start your decluttering.


When you tackle your closets, remember to look at the type of clothing. Start with the ones you want to keep and place the ones you want to toss in the charity bin. Everything that was hanged up or put in the wrong spot need to go where they belong. Dirty laundry should go to the washroom, repairs to the tailor and the donations to charity organisations.

In the bedrooms, you can start with your nightstand. Anything that does not belong there must be placed in your put away bin. Throw away all the empty boxes and used items. Return items where they belong and pack away the ones that clutter. The same method can be applied to your kitchen as well. Empty spaces and put things back in in the order that they should be. Have specific places for your spices, your utilities, your cutlery, your pots and pans. Keep countertops clean and clutter-free by moving everything into storage places.

Entryways or foyers also need decluttering. Remember this is where your family and friends enter your home, and you must make a good impression. A decluttered home always looks neat. One must have a place for every item in the house and not have random items strewn out of order. A clean and decluttered home shows a disciplined example and promotes a stress-free environment.