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When Do You Need Braces in the Hawkesbury Region?


When Do You Need Braces in the Hawkesbury Region?

While braces in Hawkesbury are generally thought to be for children and teenagers, adults can get them as well – although they tend to want more discrete options. The dental procedure is useful for straightening teeth, both for cosmetic reasons and to reduce the risk of painful crowding and other complications later in life.

There are a number of options for treatments to help straighten your teeth, ranging from the traditional mouth full of metal through to invisible wires and even Invisalign – which is essentially a mould that you wear when not eating and swap out every few weeks as it realigns your mouth.

This article will help you to work out the reasons you might need braces in Hawkesbury, and figure out what your options are for the teeth realignment.


Types of tooth realignment interventions

Depending on the cause of your crowded teeth there are a number of dental treatment options. As mentioned above, Invisalign can be used in non-extreme cases, and is popular among adults and older teenagers because it is virtually impossible to tell someone is wearing the mould unless you see them take it out or put it in.

The cheapest option will usually be the traditional “metal-mouth” Hawkesbury braces, which can come in a number of different colours to be fun for kids. These will usually be worn for a year or two, and can be tightened by your dentist periodically to gradually straighten and uncrowd your teeth. You can also opt for a ceramic option here, which will be harder to see.

You can also get invisible braces in Hawkesbury. These will sometimes go behind your teeth, which make it harder to put them in, but they will be completely hidden. You can also have clear brackets and wires, which will be hard to detect except very close up.

This can help some people, especially adults and teenagers who are starting to think about dating, and who are embarrassed about needing their teeth straightened or just worried about the impact on their appearance.

Some people, especially teenagers, will also need to get their wisdom teeth taken out to prevent future crowding issues. This will usually be done after a treatment program involving braces in Hawkesbury, so that your teeth will be fully straightened and the surgery will be the last aspect of your orthodontic plan.


Reasons for getting braces in Hawkesbury

Obviously the main reasons for this treatment will be if your dentist detects that your mouth is crowded or your teeth are growing in crooked, but there are other causes. While it is most common to get dental interventions such as plates and braces in Hawkesbury as a teenager, you can still have your teeth straightened as an adult.

Teeth can end up crooked due to injury or an accident chewing food as well as just growing at the wrong angles. Additionally, if you just missed out on correcting problems when you were younger then it is never too late to get it put right.

If you lose a tooth due to injury and don’t get an implant to replace it your other teeth can crowd in slightly, as there is suddenly a gap. This can both be unsightly and cause the teeth around the gap to be weaker, and more likely to fall out as well. It can also cause a misalignment between your top and bottom jaw, making chewing and clenching your teeth difficult and even painful.

Getting braces in Hornsby can correct this problem – as long as you get a dental implant at the same time. The treatment will straighten your teeth again, so that the alignment issues should be resolved – or at least get a lot better.

Some people can also have teeth that grow towards the front of their mouths rather than up and down. This can cause weaknesses in their front teeth, making them more likely to fall out, and cause problems in biting and chewing food. In addition to these practical difficulties, some people can be worried about the aesthetics of front teeth that grow in this way.

Braces in Hawkesbury can be used to correct the problem, although it will rarely be a quick fix – and often it is impossible to use an invisible option, as the brackets and wires need to be very strong and therefore made of metal.

Where there is a misalignment between the top and bottom teeth in someone’s mouth, usually due to an over or under bite, braces in Hawkesbury are often used in conjunction with plates in order to resolve the problem. This solution can often make a big difference in people’s comfort levels when eating – although the full treatment can take several years.

Getting braces in the Hawkesbury River area is a reasonably easy process for both kids and adults, with several qualified dentists and orthodontists in the area (as you would expect, with the region’s proximity to Sydney). The treatment can solve a number of problems for people, and is a very common procedure.